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Metal Plate

2021-05-07 15:23:52
Metal Plate

Product specifications Thickness: 8-50mm, width: 1.8-3.3m, length 12.5m

Metal plate introduction

A type of plate with a thickness much smaller than the plane size commonly used in engineering. A steel plate with a thickness of 8mm to 50 mm becomes a metal plate

1. Metal plate is an indispensable steel product for national modernization. It is widely used in large-diameter pipelines, press-in containers, boilers, bridges, offshore platforms, various ships, tanks, armors, vehicles, building components, and machine structures. In other fields, it has a wide range of varieties, wide range of temperature requirements (-20°C-600°C), complex use environment requirements (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, etc.), and high use strength requirements (strong toughness, good welding performance, etc.).

Generally, metal plates with a thickness of 4mm or more (14-20mm are medium plates, 30-50mm are thick plates, and 50mm or more are extra-thick plates).

2. Metal plates generally have higher comprehensive mechanical properties. Mechanical performance requirements include: strength, plasticity, hardness, impact toughness, rigidity, etc. Process performance requirements include: welding performance, hardenability, workability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, high temperature characteristics, low temperature characteristics, etc. The emergence and development of steel rolling mills has gone through hundreds of years. In the mid-nineteenth century, the United States began to use the three-high low-roller medium plate rolling mill. After entering the 1950s, my country has successively built more than 20 sets of three-high low-roller mills. Type rolling mills are used for the production of medium plates. Since the 1980s, various companies have successively carried out technological transformations and replaced them with four-high reversible sheet metal rolling mills. The roaring three-high Lauter mill withdrew from the stage of history.

The four-roll reversible type has become the main type of modern metal plate production, mainly due to the development of large-scale DC motor and control system manufacturing technology, which solves the reversible drive of the rolling mill with large torque.

metal plate

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